1. What is 100 TRADE JACK?

    100 TRADE JACK is a way for you to make money in the stock market and learn about trading stocks.

  2. Give me a quick explanation.

    1. You pay $68 a month and become a member. See what stocks I buy and sell. These are actual trades made with my money - not 'recommendations'. To see the trading screen, click HERE.
    2. At the end of most trading days, I post a video to explain why I did what I did. To see a sample video, click HERE.
    3. There are a series of training videos that explain my approach to trading.  To see a sample training video, click HERE.
  3. Can I follow your trades?

    Yes. Buy when I buy, sell when I sell, and rest when I rest. You control, manage and trade your own money. Your money stays in your account. You are not investing money with me.

  4. How much time will all of this take?

    Following my trades should take about 5 minutes if I have bought or sold something. Most days, however, I do nothing. Learning to do nothing is an important skill if you want to make money in the stock market. Most days I will post a video to explain the reason for my actions, or inaction. Videos are usually around 10 minutes long.

  5. So I don’t need to stare at my computer all day?

    No you donít. I do most of my buying and selling in the last 15 minutes of the trading day. As a subscriber, you should log into our website everyday at about 3:45 Eastern Standard Time to see what action, if any, I am taking that day.

  6. Can I receive text alerts to my cell phone?

    Yes, you can receive text alerts of all trades I make.

  7. What do you trade and how often do you trade?

    I trade stocks on the major U.S. markets. I go long and short, and place about 100 to 200 trades a year.

  8. How long do you usually hold positions?

    I hold positions anywhere from a day or two, up to several months.

  9. Are you day trader?

    No. I try to capture larger moves that take days, weeks or months to develop. The best moves take weeks or months.

  10. Is your service for experienced traders or beginners?

    It seems that most of our long-term subscribers are experienced traders and investors. The program, however, is designed to be educational. My daily videos and training videos are intended to convey my thinking and approach to the stock market.

  11. How much money should I have in my account to begin?

    That’s a difficult question to answer. If your goal is to learn how to trade, you can simply treat the program as 'trading school' – then account size really isn’t the issue.

  12. Is there a way for me to try the program now?

    Yes, click HERE and receive a 5 day guest pass.  Or join and receive a full refund during the first 60 days if you’re not happy with the service. Just click the 'cancel' button in the subscriber's area and you'll receive a full refund if you cancel before 60 days. You don't have to call us to cancel.

  13. I want to grow my account fast. What are your thoughts on this?

    Click HERE to watch a video where I explain my view on growing an account fast.

  14. What's the significance of the number 100?

    My objective is to double my trading account every year - a 100% return. I’m an aggressive trader, but I hate losing money and have strong risk controls in place. As a subscriber, you'll learn how I control risk.

  15. Can you really achieve a 100% return each year?

    No. I’ll have years that don’t get anywhere near 100%, and years that greatly exceed 100%. Over the long run though, I expect my performance to be good.

  16. Your style of trading sounds too risky for me.

    There's an easy way to reduce your risk. Look at how much stock I buy, and then only buy half or a third of that amount. For example, if I invest 15 percent of my trading account in XYZ stock, you can simply invest 7.5 percent, or 5 percent. So you can adjust position size to suit your tolerance for risk.

  17. Tell me more about your training videos

    My approach to the stock market is conveyed in the daily videos that I post. This is primary way that I let you know what Iím thinking. In addition to that, there is a series of training videos covering topics I consider to be of importance including:

    1. Cash and Patience
    2. Position Size
    3. Holding on to Profits
    4. Time Horizon
    5. Isolation
    6. Stop losses
    7. Pain
    8. Chart Patterns
    9. Candle Patterns
    10. and moreÖ
  18. Who is Jack?

    I've been trading the stock market for over 25 years, and trading The Colorado Fund LP, a hedge fund, since 2004.. To see Jack’s bio, click about jack

  19. Do You Make Mistakes?

    Yes, I make mistakes. Youíll see lots of them. I analyze what Iím doing well, and what I need to work on in the daily videos. That's how I continue learn and to refine my approach.

    It is surprising how imperfectly you can trade and still come out okay. For example, when the stock market began its rally in March of 2009, I stayed on the sidelines for over a month watching - missing a large part of the initial move. My timing wasnít perfect but I finished the year up 161%. My win/loss ratio that year was 39%, meaning only 39% of my trades were winners Ė far from perfect. In 2008, the year of the meltdown, I made 51% return - without going short.

  20. Can I trade stocks in an IRA?

    For some people, trading in an IRA makes sense. I have a training video where I examine the pros and cons of trading in an IRA. I trade my Roth IRA aggressively

  21. What guarantees can you give me?

    None. I only promise to do my best.

  22. $68 a month is a lot of money. How can I justify the expense?

    Here are a few ways to think about it:

    1. I use charting software provided by TradeStation Securities and fundamental data provided by MarketSmith. Subscribing to both of these services on your own would cost you $211 a month.
    2. I'm experienced, love what I do, and am a good trader. Think of me as a well-qualified and hard-working employee who you pay $2.67 a day.
    3. Think of the program as a trading school with a $68 per month tuition.
    4. And lastly, if you stay with me for the long term, you will probably make money--hopefully a great deal more than $68 a month
  23. I have more questions.

    We'd love to hear from you. If you have questions of any kind, please call 720-440-2004 from 9 to 5 Mountain Standard Time, or email us at

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